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Swedish Bio Gas and Fuel – Captain Planet in the making?

Under the current global warming scenario, when all the big guns of the world have failed to find a suitable alternative, the small European country of Sweden is almost at the crucial juncture of a breakthrough in research based on the use of renewable fuel.

They have enormous experience with bio diesel with the cars running on ethanol, allowing them to get a stranglehold on the market. Not only that, the Swedish has been helping the South Korean city of Ulsan with the transformation of waste into bio degradable gas. With the positive response generated by such projects, the government of South Korea is attempting to multiply the use of bio fuel and other sources of environmentally friendly alternatives.

Sweden has put enormous emphasis on the production of bio fuel that will help to power vehicles, small and big. Bio gas has always been a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative for fossil fuels. Research shows that this alternative source could eventually power the entire industrial belts of Sweden. It has resolved to the use of cars run solely on bio fuel by 2030 in order to do its bit and wipe out the effects of global warming.

Sweden has a large belt where agriculture is the prime source of work. Thus the production of bio fuel has a very bright future in the country because organic waste materials are one of the major ingredients that are used to obtain this cheap alternative. Sweden’s agriculture agency has ordered an investigation as to whether the agriculture industry could be made totally self sufficient by the use of vehicles run on bio fuel.

It is remarkable how a small country as Sweden has been paving the way for a cheap alternative in the face of declining amounts of fossil fuels and the threat posed by global warming